Meet the Locals


Pumpkin became a Waggerstown companion in February of 2019 as she needed daily walks for relief, fresh air and to expend some of her energy. 



Greta joined Waggerstown in April of 2019 and has grown up to be quite an unambitious girl and loves playing with her new sister, Maggie! She enjoys her outdoor time and both her and her sister are eating Fromm Adult Large Breed dog food.

German Shepherd


Maggie joined Waggerstown Dog Walking Program when she became Greta's sister in July of 2019. She enjoys playing with her sister and loves her outdoor time!

Double Doodle


Frankie joined Waggerstown in March of 2019 as she was in the need of a couple of walks a day, which turned into once a day and now just as needed. She loves her ball, empty jug or anything that moves. She also loves playing outside in her huge yard!

Golden Retriever


Dory has been part of the Waggerstown family since 2017 and is enrolled in the periodic dog walking program and we see her from time to time. She loves her Kennebunk community and eats Natural Balance to help keep her healthy.

English Spinger Spaniel


Cuda joined the Waggerstown Dog Walking Program in September of 2019. He enjoys listening to music when his parents are gone and enjoys his outside breaks in the middle of the day.

Jack Russell



Oliver became a Waggerstown family member in July of 2019 in need of sporadic dog walks. He enjoys his outdoor time and his views of the marsh!

Tibetan Spaniel



Freida has been a part of the Waggerstown family since 2017 as we frequently pet sit with her. She loves being outside and playing with her neighborhood friends, Balto and Coco.




Otis is a 13 week full bred pug! He came in to Waggerstown to pick up his new ride!




Bodhi joined Waggerstown in January of 2019 while in the need of intermittent, mid-day breaks. Bodhi enjoys treats and toys from Waggerstown and we see him from time to time for dog walks, grooming and pet sitting.

Tibetan Terrier

Codie & Nika.jpg

Codie & Nika

Codie and Nika are friends of the family and reside in Lakeside, CA. Codie, a lab mix, is 13 and Nika, a lab, is 6. They share their home with four cats and a frog! Hi, Brodie!

Tibetan Spaniel


There's More!

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