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Finn 6-3-21.jpg

Finn visited Waggerstown after his grooming appointment with Alyssa on 6-4-21

Mr Higgins 6-4-21.jfif

Mr Higgins came in to visit after his grooming with Stephanie on 6-4-21

Maeve 6-4-21.jfif

Maeve stopped in to Waggerstown today 6-4-21

Lola 6-4-21.jfif

Lola made an entrance at Waggerstown

Bennie 6-5-21.jfif

Bennie stopped in to say hi after his grooming with Ginger 6-5-21

Augie 6-5-21.jfif

Augie was such a good sitter! He loved his Canidae bison treat! 6-5-21

Sir Lance-a-Lot 6-5-21.jfif

Sir Lance-a-Lot stopped in to Waggerstown on 6-5-21

Percy 6-5-21.jfif

Percy came in to engrave a dog tag and met a new friend, Ute while here 6-5-21

Ute 6-5-21.jfif

Ute came in for her Primal food on 6-5-21 and met her new friend, Percy!

Lucky & Stella.jfif

Lucky and Stella visited Waggerstown on 6-5-21 and Stella landed a new raincoat!

Trixie 6-5-21.jfif

Trixie came in on 6-5-21 to get a cooling vest for the hot weather


Our grand kitty came to see us today! 6-5-21

Hobbes 6-6-21.jfif

Hobbes stopped by Waggerstown at 6-6-21

Beau 6-6-21.jfif

Beau came in to Waggerstown Sunday, 6-6-21

Gus 6-6-21.jfif

Gus popped in to Waggerstown on

Jackson & Chance 6-6-21.jfif

Jackson and Chance came in on 6-6-21 and posed so nicely!

Penny 6-7-21.jfif

Penny stopped in at Waggerstown to get her Charlie Bear snacks 6-7-21

Tallulah 6-7-21.jfif

Tallulah stopped in to pick some chew snacks and toys 6-7-21

Fiona 6-11-21.jfif

Fiona stopped in to get a raincoat and some goodies 6-11-21

Abbie 6-8-21.jfif

Abbie came in to get her Fresh Pet and beef burger treat on 6-8-21

Cooper 6-12-21.jfif

Cooper stopped in on 6-12-21 to pick up some food and treats

Beau - 6-7-21.jfif

Beau stopped in on 6-7-21 to pick up his Nutri Source!

Elsa 6-9-21.jfif

Elsa stopped in to Waggerstown on

Beau - 6-12-21.jfif

Beau came into Waggerstown on 6-12-21 for a new harness

Belle & Chewbacca 6-12-21.jfif

Holly & Gary brought Chewbacca and Belle in on 6-12-21

Cooper II 6-12-21.jfif

Cooper came in on 6-12-21 for his new Halti.

Kona 6-11-21.jfif

Kona stopped in on
6-11-21 to pick up a new leash

Teddy 6-16-21.jfif

Teddy stopped in on 6-16-21 to say "HI!"

Moxie - 6-11-21.jfif

Moxie stopped in after getting groomed by Stephanie 6-11-21

Walter 6-16-21.jfif

Walter popped in on 6-16-21 for food and a treat

Seymour & Peanut 6-16-21.jfif

Peanut & Seymour came to Waggerstown on 6-16-21

Mickey & Jeter 6-17-21.jfif

Mickey & Jeter stopped in for birthday stuff. I let them know the Red Sox were doing better than the Yankees this year :) 6-16-21

JC 6-17-21.jfif

JC popped in on 6-17-21 and got a new sling!

Trooper 6-17-21.jfif

Trooper came to get some goodies on 6-17-21

Augie 6-17-21.jfif

Augie came to Waggerstown on 6-17-21 and was such a good boy!

Bailey 6-17-21.jfif

Bailey stopped by on 6-17-21  to some food and a toy!

Jaden 6-18-21.jfif

Jaden came in to get a new harness and was so patient! 6-18-21

Fredo 6-18-21.jfif

Fredo stopped in to Waggerstown on 6-18-21 to check things out

Gemma 6-18-21.jfif

Gemma stopped in on 6-18-21 for a toy and treat! She's so gentle!

Shanti 6-18-21.jfif

Shanti and family stopped in on 6-18-21, while on vacation, to pick up some supplies.

Suki 6-19-21.jfif

Suki came in to visit on 6-19-21  to pick up some food & supplies.

Aero - 6-20-21.jfif

Aero stopped in on 6-20-21 for some food, treats and toys!

Bogey 6-23-21.jfif

Bogey came in on 6-23-21 for a new harness, toys, treats and supplies.

William & Yvonne 6-24-21.jfif

William brought Yvonne in on 6-24-21 for a new harness.

Rosie 6-23-21.jfif

Rosie stopped in to Waggerstown on 6-23-21 for a new harness and an antler to chew on!

Jesse 6-26-21.jfif

Jesse stopped in on 6-26-21 to get stocked up on some food.

Topsy 6-26-21.jfif

Topsy came in to Waggerstown on 6-26-21.

Walter - grroming with Ginger.JPG

Walter popped in to see Ginger to get his nails and pads trimmed on

Cooper 7-17 food & seat belt.jfif

Cooper stopped by Waggerstown on 7-17-21 to pick up some food and a seal belt

Lulu - Harness 7-19-21.jfif

Lulu came in for a new harness on 7-19-21

Monty - S&C Dust 7-19-21.jfif

Monty stopped by on 7-19-21 for some Stella & Chewy's Magical Dinner Dust

Darby 7-19-21.jfif

Darby stopped by on 7-19-21 to pick up some food, a toy and a treat! sshh, don't tell her brothers and sisters!

Wally 7-20-21.jfif

Wally stopped in to pick up some food on 7-20-21.

Benjamin 7-21-21.jfif

Benjamin came to Waggerstown on 7-21-21 to get groomed by Stephanie and pick up a new stroller! Check out his new wheels!!

Luke 7-24-21 leash and treats.jfif

Luke came in on 7-24-21 for a leash and treats!

Maggie - toys and treats.jfif

Maggie popped in on 7-24-21 for toys and treats!

Finn 7-24-21 treats.jfif

Finn stopped in for a nail clip with Ginger on 7-24-21 and can't wait to into his new treat!

Larry 3-19-22.jpg

Larry came to Waggerstown on 3-19-22 for some toys and treats!


Talula came in on 7-26-21 for a leash, toy, antler and treat!

Peanut 7-27-21.jfif

Peanut came in on 7-27-21 to get a carrying case for NYC trip.

Penny 7-28-21.jfif

Penny stopped in on 7-28-21 to pick up some treats for her and her sister.

Ginger 7-28-21.jfif

Ginger popped into Waggerstown on 7-28-21 for a seat belt safety clip.

Gus 7-29-21.jfif

Gus stopped in to Waggerstown on 7-29-21 for some toys and treats! He loved the Stella Chewy's Wild Weenies chicken treats!

Tyler, Lauren and Nora 8-1-21.jfif

Nora brought her mommy and daddy in on 8-1-21 to pick up some food six days before they are to get married. Enjoy your stay in Maine!

Joey 8-2-21.jfif

Joey came in after his grooming appt with Stephanie and brought home some Stella Chewys treats!

Maggie 8-2-21.jfif

Maggie came in on 8-2-21 for food and treats!

Tulee 8-2-21.jfif

Tulee stopped into Waggerstown
on 8-2-21
for a toy and treat!

Barkley - 8-5-21.jfif
Archie 8-3-21.jfif

Archie came in on 8-3-21 for some food and treats.

Torc 8-5-21.jfif
Benji 8-3-21.jfif

Benji stopped in on 8-3-21 and picked up some goodies for his 1st birthday!

Bear 8-6-21.jfif
Lilly 8-4-21.jfif

Lilly came in on
8-4-21 to pick up some treats and chew toys.

Kai - 8-4-21.jfif

Kai stopped into Waggerstown on 8-4-21 to pick up some food and treats.

Bridey 8-7-21.jfif
Layla 8-9-21.jfif
Brodie 8-9-21.jfif
Harper 8-5-21.jfif

Harper came in on
8-5-21 to pick up a treat, harness, toy and some accessories.

Murray 8-12-21.jfif
Kalamata - 8-5-21.jfif

Kalamata came to Waggerstown on 8-5-21 to pick up some toys and treats!

Blue - 8-13-21.jfif

Barkley came in on 8-5-21 to get his new harness that is working out great and helping with his pulling!

Torc came in on 8-5-21 to get food and treats.


Scout stopped by to pick out a toy and snacks on 8-17-21!


Modo was a great visitor on 08/19/21.

Bear came in on 8-6-21 to get food and ear solution.

Bridey came into Waggerstown on 8-7-21 to pick up a new NO PULL harness, toys and treats!

Layla stopped in to Waggerstown on 8-9-21.

Brodie popped into Waggerstown on 8-9-21 for a toy and a treat!

Murray stopped in on
8-12-21 to pick up some toys, treats and accessories!

Blue came into Waggerstown on 8-13-21 to pick up a new antler to chew on!

Ollie - 8-24-21.jfif

Ollie came in to Waggerstown on
8-24-21 to get an engraved tag, brush, bone and melted everyone's hearts.

Stella 9-25-21.jfif

Stella visited Waggerstown on 9/25/21

Willa 10-2-21.jfif

Willa came on 10/2/21 for some accessories and some treats!

Ryan & Rory.jfif

Ryan and Rory stopped into Waggerstown on
10-7-21 to pick up some chew toys

Ringo 10-9-21 (food).jfif

Ringo stopped by on 10-9 to pick up some Zignature food.

Tucker, Daisy & Brandy (toys, harnesses and treats) 10-9-21.jfif

Tucker, Daisy and Brandy visited Waggerstown on 10-9-21 and picked up some toys, treats and harnesses.

Burnello - 10-9-21 (chew toy).jfif

Brunello stopped in on 10-9-21 in preparation for upcoming grroming appt.


Wally came in to Waggerstown on
10-15-21 for some Stella and Chewys treats! 


Teddy - 11-8-21 - food.jfif

Teddy stopped in on 11/8/21 to pick up some food!

Kevin 3-17-22.jpg

Kevin stopped in on 3/17/22 to pick up some toys and treats.

Luna 3-19-22.jpg

Luna stopped in on 3-19-22 to pick up some toys.

Ace 3-25-22.jpg

Ace stopped in to Waggerstown for a toy and a treat.

Oakley 4-2-22.jpg

Oakley popped into Waggerstown for some food on 4/2/22.

Stanley 4-18-22.jpg

Stanley came in to pick up a new harness on 4/18/22.

Miko 12-8-22.jpg

Appa stopped by to celebrate her 2nd birthday with a new toy and treat!


Miko Stopped in on 12-8-22 for his Santa hat!

Cora 3-28-22.jpg

Cora came in for a grooming on 3-28-22.

Ruby & Scarlett 4-18-22.jpg

Ruby & Scarlett were all pooped out after trying on harnesses at Waggerstown on 4-18-22.

Stella 5-5-22.jpg

Stella visited Waggerstown on Cinco de Mayo to pick up a treat and a toy!

Ayla 5-30-22.jpg

Ayla stopped into Waggerstown on      5-30-22 to pick up some treats and toys


Harlequin stopped by to shop for a new toy on 8/3/22.

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